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Since 2014, Monfefo has done more than refine an old tradition: We've started a new one. Guided by simple family recipes, we fuse unique juicing techniques from around the globe to create interesting flavors and textures. Monfefo makes everything in small batches from our factory in Brooklyn. To achieve optimal nutrition, all of our products are never heated and contain no more than 5 organic ingredients.



Quality Organic

When it comes to sourcing raw ingredients, we focus on quality, consistency and traceability. Rest assured knowing Monfefo is certified organicgluten freelactose freeand non gmo. Absolutely no added water, natural flavors, concentrates, preservatives, extracts, artificial flavors, or colors.


 Find us in the refrigerated beverage section at select fine retailers. 

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Monfefo is short for a monster that goes fee fi fo fum.


       The story is about a girl who found some seeds by the ocean. When the time was right, she planted these seeds and upon the next day, these seeds grew into a long stalk, that went up high into the clouds. She then climbed up the knobs of this root and at the top, she was greeted by Monfefo, the big and happy giant. Luckily for her, the giant was a vegetarian and had no desires to eat this little girl.
          Monfefo, the wise old giant, who lives in the clouds knew about the problems down on earth. Monfefo told this girl that she could not change the way things were, but rather with the help of its knowledge and the use of this ginger root, they could together and eventually with everyone, live a better life. This ginger root, Monfefo said, is nature's goodness, "share it, feel it, heal it".
     With the help of Monfefo, this girl began juicing the ginger root, and juicing, and juicing some more.  Finally, she juiced enough, to make it available to everyone. So, just like Monfefo said, "Share it, feel it, heal it".  Breathe and the rest will follow

                                           Mahalo and enjoy *