Organic Ginger Juice

Cherished on earth for over 5,000 years, the ginger rhizome has warming, cleansing, and beneficial properties. We source only the highest quality ginger from sustainable organic farms.   


Organic Lemon Juice

The most important citrus of them all. Grown in warm climates, the lemon has played a powerful and beneficial role in people's diets. This sour yet refreshing fruit is the perfect cleanse to our palate.  

Organic Honey

Produced by the hardworking honeybees, we are ever so grateful for this delicious and energizing nectar. Our organic honey brings the perfect slightly sweet balance to our ginger shot. 



We use a cold hydraulic press to extract juice from our roots. Other methods such as the common centrifugal juicer produce heat. Heat damages the vital enzymes and nutrients found in raw juice. Monfefo stays cold throughout its journey. 



HPP is a process where tons of cold pressure is quickly applied to each bottle. Employing the use of this state of the art technology is an innovative approach to food safety. Learn more at